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A taste of Rome at Home


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ViniCultural Tours and Rimessa Roscioli are close friends and collaborators, both on a professional and personal level. Connected by a fierce passion for unique quality wines and authentic Italian food, we often combine forces to be able to give you the tastiest, high-end experience possible on your visit to our beloved Rome and beyond.

So without further ado, ViniCultural Tours hereby proudly presents to you Rimessa's Italian Wine Club, one who's wines (whether traditional or trailblazing), make for a delightful combination of never heard of and famous Italian bubblies, whites, oranges, rosés and reds, bottled by passionate and dedicated small producers, giving you the most wonderful Italian wine experience immaginable, right at home. 

Don't forget to use our special ViniCulturalTours discount code when you sign up, and to share your experience with good food and loved ones! Trust us, life won't taste much better than that! 


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