An Authentic Taste of Rome

Introducing ViniCultural Tours

And the Flavours of the Enternal City


From Rome, with Passion


My name is Marloes, let me introduce you to ViniCultural Tours:

ViniCultural Tours is a boutique enogastronomic touring company through which we share our deep rooted passion for the authenic flavours of Rome and Italy with people from all over the world.

We organize high quality wine tours, visits to local vineyards, culinary and craft beer tours, brewery visits and custumized tours in and around the eternal city. 

We offer exceedingly personal and excitingly tasty experiences with attention to their historical and cultural background, as well as the social traditions of wining (or beering) and dining like a true Italian.

You are cordially invited to a local taste of Rome!

From Rome, with Passion,
ViniCultural Tours



Who's inviting you?

I am, but who am I? Well, I’m Marloes, and I identify as a cultural transgender, meaning: I was born in the wrong country! I’m Dutch by origin, but ultimately Italian by heart. So, after already having lived abroad for multiple extensive periods in Argentina, Costa Rica, London and Barcelona as an (exchange) student, I made the crazy decision to leave the comfortable office job at my family's wood company in my Dutch hometown Deurne, packed my bags and followed that yearning heart of mine to Rome, where I now am the extremely proud owner of ViniCultural Tours. 

Exploring any part of the world, near or far, I have never been a tourist, always a traveller, never an expat, but always emerging myself in the local culture, hungry to taste its true identity, not just on the plate and in the glass, but also culturally. And that is the way I want everyone on my tours to experience Rome: as a local. 

Everything I love about Italy collides in Rome (even traffic though, unfortunately). But apart from that, Rome has it all: the food, the wine, also recently the craft beer, the mediterranean climate, the history, the architecture, the landscape, the culture, the art and the passionate Italians who work to live instead of live to work. All of that is more my cup of tea, or should I say: glass of wine/beer! Which, I might add, tastes at its best at table shared with good company.

And that's where you come in, because: I absolutely love it here, and through ViniCultural Tours, I can share my passion for authentic Italian flavours with enthusiastic travellers such as yourself. 

So, see you soon?!

Marloes Fransen



Lekker in het Nederlands

Dat kan natuurlijk ook, want mijn naam verraadt het al: ik ben kei Nederlands (Brabants dus)!

Stuur mij gerust even een mailtje om te informeren naar de mogelijkheden om een Nederlandstalige tour te volgen. Een privé tour kan uiteraard altijd in het Nederlands, wat betreft de groep tours hangt het af van de samenstelling van de groep. 

Kom gezellig bij ons genieten van al het moois en lekkers wat Rome te bieden heeft, dan maak ik er een onvergetelijke ervaring van! 

Groetjes uit Rome,
Marloes uit Deurne



The NEW ViniCultural Tours

Welcome on our brand new ViniCultural Tours website!

We have converted the infamous Covid-19 hiatus from a distopian time into an opportunity to create a brand new website. This in order to give you the best representation of our core values as a boutique enogastronomic company and the delicious experiences we have to offer. We hope that you feel inspired and welcome to join the tour of your liking. 

Part of the website is still under construction, but as they say: Rome wasn't build in a day either! Therefore, please do not hestitate to contact us about the availability of any other tours or customised experiences than the ones you can, at the moment, directly book on our new website. So much is possible, all you need to do is ask! 


Introducing ViniCultural Tours
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